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Competence centre for hiking WALK

By the end of 2015, you will be able to find WALK, the competence centre for hiking, not far from the Hermannsdenkmal monument in the heart of the walking region of Teutoburg Forest, located in the eastern Westphalian region of Lippe. It is the central contact point for walkers, guests, organisations and institutions in the health region of Lippe for information and advice – across Europe.

For walkers it is a starting point for enjoying highly interesting tours of the region. Walking organisations and institutions will have a central location for promoting and developing walking offers and ideas. And, thanks to their everyday work and individual measures, the institutions housed at WALK, the competence centre for hiking, will be the best advertisers.

for the leisure and health-related tourist activities available in this area both within the region and across Europe. Allow WALK, the competence centre for hiking, to inspire you for our walking region and what is probably one of the best ways of being active in amongst nature.

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