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Your contacts at WALK

You will always be able to find a suitable contact at WALK, the competence centre for hiking. As we are a central contact point for everything to do with walking, what we can’t do ourselves, we organise – whether it is quality assurance of walking paths, regional project work or exchange of information across Europe.

Tourism experts from the Lippe region will support you with offers, products and in the marketing of walking themes. Employees from the Naturpark work on the preservation and sustainable development of the natural treasures in our region. And partners such as the Lippischer Heimatbund and walking clubs help us to care for what we love: our home.

Günter Weigel
Günter WeigelProject manager WALK, Board member Lippe Tourism & Marketing GmbH, Managing Director business development Kreis Lippe
Phone: 05231-62 595
Birgit Hübner
Birgit HübnerManaging Director Naturpark Teutoburger Wald / Eggegebirge
Phone: 05231-62 7940
Wolfgang Thevis
Wolfgang ThevisTourism Manager, Lippe Tourismus & Marketing GmbH
Phone: 05231-62 1161