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We develop natural treasures. Sustainable.

In the land of the Hermann, walkers are lucky to be able to experience a varied range of nature in a manageable space. In order to bring the flora and fauna of our Naturpark closer to walkers in a considerate way, we carefully develop new trails and restore old ones.

With exhibitions in the centre and modern information media on the walking trails themselves, we convey an understanding of the special features of our landscape and its residents, as well as the interplay between nature, health, the cultural landscape and climate.

Nature and Health

Just how good peat can be is something that anyone who has enjoyed a feel-good peat treatment in the health region of Lippe will know. Very few, however, know just how exciting it is to experience the moorland for themselves – there is very little left of it in any case. But visitors will be able to see it in Bad Meinberg in the future, where we are organising the installation of a 30-metre long moor trail which should make the peat processing plant a tangible experience again.

Nature and History

The Schiedersee lake between Schwalenberg and Schieder is not just popular with sports enthusiasts and water lovers. It is also in the middle of one of the best-developed walking regions. And this is why we’re making it even more walker-friendly: with canals and benches that will make the lake better for walkers. And with a water feature that will enable nature to be experienced on a water wall.

At the Naturpark, we keep our treasures open the whole year round for everyone

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